Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Academic Year Courses

Our 2019-20 Academic Year schedule will be available soon. We will offer courses on weekday evenings and weekends beginning in August. Our Academic Year courses are selective—students (or their parents) must complete an application and be admitted in order to enroll. We will start accepting applications soon. Please join our mailing list to be notified when we begin accepting applications, and visit our Course Catalog to learn more about our Academic Year courses.

Summer Courses

We will first offer summer classes in 2020. Each of our summer courses is two weeks long, meeting Monday through Friday for three hours each day. Summer courses have an open admissions policy: any age-appropriate student may enroll. Please join our mailing list to be notified when the summer schedule is available, and visit our Course Catalog to learn more about AoPS Academy summer courses.

"AoPS Academy has a superb curriculum, combined with outstanding teachers who have provided our son a fantastic foundation in mathematics. If only I could have experienced teaching like this when I was young, it would have changed my career choice. The academy is a perfect extension of school in that they challenge students to learn at a much deeper and rigorous level. They also stimulate their interest in mathematics by emphasizing analytical thought over rote memorization of formulas.

The academy truly lays a deep foundation in mathematical thinking for success in all areas involving STEM subjects. It is really exciting to be among teachers and children who love math!

The harder the problem - the more exciting it is to the students and teachers at AoPS Academy."

-Molly and Richard T.
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